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In the early Spring of 1988, an executive of British descent awakens from a tragic ordeal that caused him to struggle with his personal life or three years.  With this warming trend, he finds an unusual friend who guides him through the twist and turns of his life in New York City. Now he could breathe in the warm revelations of the past and future to come.  Brent Kingston must push forward to appreciate his life, as the family secrets are revealed, now he must choose his own journey to find a new life and love.


About The Author Of:

Secret Prince of Manhattan

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About The Author Of:

Secret Prince of Manhattan


Dottie Minton: I believe Life is worth living, so I don't make a Buck List, ever new day is an opportunity to explore your journey. My mother raised even children on her own, as she was married to my father who got very violent when he drank alcohol drinks.  After her divorce, my mother struggled financially to raise her children. I started babysitting or yard work from age eleven, to help my mother. I learn it was important to have an education and be an independent thinker and learn by moving forward and not be afraid to fell and try again. I like to travel, the arts, cultural festive, the outdoors, and nature.


   In late 2016 I was in an auto accident and sustained a TBI and other bodily injuries. and was facing three major surgeries, and while waiting to go into the hospital for a reconstructive should and two spinal surgeries, I felt alone and in disparate. To keep my mind off these pending surgeries I decided to write, I started writing a funny story about a lady who goes to India. I got ready and started jotting words down. But suddenly a voice said, you are not going to write that story. I was dazed and listen to the divine providence and picked up the pen and put it to paper, and the words coming so faster than I could even write them on paper, with my hand shaking I looked down at the paper. The concept and the words were something I knew very little about, so I had to research the locations and history. I believe I was chosen to not only write something to lift my own spirits but also to help others going through struggles and tragedies in their life to find peace and joy.


   Creating (Secret Prince of Manhattan), became my strength and allowed me to endure several years of physical and mental pain while healing from my surgeries.. But no matter what the challenges I had to overcome, there was a voice that pushing forward to write words coming day and night.  Writing this book became my strong tower while healing emotionally and physically, for almost two years. I've learned to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and not looking back.  While writing and reading this book it has taught me to live and continue my journey and seek out the high town of love.  There are all kinds of Heroes in many shapes and forms that come to us when we need comfort. My friend Nancy who sent me email cards to make me laugh, and my dog Happy Feet, who comes when I need her with a paw shake when I don't calm down she makes the paw into the claw, that makes me laugh.  You can also be a Hero, reach out to a family member or friend and let them know you care!


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 This  Book was designed to help me and others to overcome challenges and help heal one's life. You as the reader might relate to the Prince through his trials and tribulations, but with the guidance given to help him maneuver, through his challenges, Brent may be able to have a new life and love?. The Book cover was mentioned several times on Goggle search and Good Reads, but Finally, (Secret Prince of  Manhattan) It is in the process of being published and printed for the public. If YOU would like a signed copy please fill out the order form with your name and phone or email and hit the submit button and the Author Dottie Minton, will get back with you on pricing and with your order a signed copy will be sent to You.